Saturday, January 30, 2010

Recent News and Headlines About Veriloquent

New Service Offering From Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC Facilitates Effective Management and Disposition of Non-Performing Mortgage Note Pools.

Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC - a financial services and consulting group, has applied its flat fee based services platform towards the management and disposition of non-performing real estate mortgage note pools. The service allows investors a means to effectively coordinate advisors and manage investments in non-performing notes without investing in infrastructure and hiring expensive staff.

Coral Springs, FL - With the real estate market and economy struggling to recover, many banks and institutions are bundling real estate notes and selling off the assets. With discounts against the underlying real estate assets running 50% to 70% and more, this represents a unique opportunity for investors.

"However," said Todd Billings - CEO of Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC, "Investors who pool money to purchase these typically nonperforming notes have been faced with a dilemma, either they hire expensive knowledgeable staff and build out a physical infrastructure or they have to give up much of their potential profit to an equity partner familiar with the management and disposition strategy of the notes." Billings added, "This means investors are faced with delays or at best have to give up control and profits."

Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC steps in to fill the gap between the investors and the management of the notes so advisors can be coordinated and disposition strategies analyzed and recommended. The service is in-line with Veriloquent's primary business of financial data management and wealth analysis. The solution Veriloquent provides includes a central communications platform (phone, fax, email), the provision of a physical mailing address, secure online document management, bookkeeping services to track the investment's funds, and customized reporting against the assets held. Because of the services provided by Veriloquent, Investors have access to a turnkey solution which means the often complex nature of the individual notes within a pool are effectively analyzed, while fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements. Ultimately, the services contribute to increased rates of return.

Veriloquent's service offering includes seven key analytical areas: 1. Data Aggregation and Reporting, 2. Secure Online Document Management, 3. Alternative Banking, 4. Advisor Search and Coordination, 5. Strategic and Financial Planning, 6. Tax Documentation and Audit Planning, and, 7. Investment Oversight and Reporting. Investors interested in contracting for services should contact Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC directly at 1 (888) 684-2999.

About Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC:
Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC is a financial services and consulting group with a new approach towards financial decision making. Veriloquent removes the conflicts between sales and advice inherent in traditional "one-stop-shops" which dominate the industry. By providing sound analysis, strategy, and recommendations on assets and investments, clients realize economic benefit as they are guided through the process of making sound financial decisions. The Veriloquent approach represents a hands on advisory partnership. Veriloquent maintains offices in Coral Springs, Florida.